Shoes Reselling Business in India
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Picture of Lakshit Sethiya

Lakshit Sethiya

Apr 28, 2022 10 Min Read

Here, we will tell you every single important piece of information about the shoe reselling business. You will get to know the step by step process to do shoe reselling business in India. But, before that let’s share some crucial facts about this business. There are more than 2 lakhs people in India who are actively in the shoe reselling business.

Basically, this idea of the shoe reselling business originated in the USA. The influencers there used to stock the limited-edition footwear and later sell them at a heavy price. Later, this concept came to India with a changed version.

The whole chain of shoes reselling business in India goes like this:

Importers -> Wholesalers -> Dealers -> Direct -> Dealers -> Resellers

(Is blog mein hum aapko shoe reselling business ke baare mein puri information denge. India mein shoe reselling business karne ki step by step procedure batayenge.)

Shoes Business
Shoes Business

3 Types of Footwear for Reselling in India

If you are into the shoe reselling business in India or thinking of getting into it then you should be aware of the types of footwear available. There are three types of footwear available in the market in India.

Types Of Footwear

1st type- First copy or Replica

2nd type- Non branded trendy loafers

3rd type- Export surplus materials

(Agar aap India me shoe reselling business karna chahte hain to aap ko yahaan kitne types ke footwear hain, iski jankari honi chahiye. India ke market me 3 types ke footwear available hain: First copy or replica, Non branded trendy loafers, and export surplus materials.)

Step by Step Process for Shoes Reselling Business

How to do shoes business
6 Step Process of Shoes Reselling

Step 1- Search for Shoe Wholesalers or Suppliers

Search Wholesalers

You can search for the trusted wholesaler on Indiamart. You will find a list of genuine wholesalers there. Just connect with them on WhatsApp to get updated with the footwear on a daily basis.

Search for the suppliers on Instagram. Connect with them on Instagram. You will find a genuine wholesaler by investing little time and effort.

Social seller academy also owns a database of shoe wholesalers and dealers. One can easily purchase the data from there by visiting the website. The suppliers from there keep all types of footwear and supply them to resellers for reselling business.

There are many dealers listed on popular websites Quikr, OLX, Google my business etc.

Agra, Ludhiana, Delhi, and Mumbai are the cities having a big market for footwear dealers. If you search for the wholesalers in these areas, you will be easily able to find a genuine one.

(Sabse pehli step me aapko shoe wholesalers ya suppliers ko dhundhna hoga, jo aap Indiamart jaisi genuine websites aur platforms me saralta se dhund sakte hain. Instagram par bhi suppliers ko dhundha ja sakta hai. Social seller academy ki website se bhi aap shoes wholesaler aur dealers ke database kharid sakte hain. Quikr, OLX aur Google mart jaise websites me bhi shoes ke bahut sare dealers listed hain. Agra, Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai jaisi cities me footwear dealers ka bada bazaar hai.)

Step 2- Create a Brand

Social Media Brand
Create a Brand

Without a brand, it is almost impossible to sell your product, even if you are selling the best quality of shoes. No one wants to buy a product from any strange person who doesn't have any brand identity. So, it is very important to create your personal brand before starting a shoe reselling business.

A brand consists of brand name, logo, cover pic, brand catalogue, social media pages, and accounts. With the help of a brand, people can easily trust the legitimacy of your product and company.

(Aapko apne shoes sell karne ke liye apni personal branding karna bahut zaruri hai. Brand se hi logon mein trust build hota hai. Kisi bhi business ko brand banane mein brand name, logo, cover pic, brand catalogue social media pages par accounts bahut important hota hai.)

Step 3- Create Advertisement to Build Trust Among Potential Customers

Create Advertisement

Creating advertisements helps to gain more trust of the people and they will take action to buy the product. To gain more customer trust, you can adopt the below techniques:

Post customer reviews- Ask your customers for the review and keep on posting the screenshot of that review on different social media platforms. The quality of shoes is a secondary matter, the customer will only buy your shoes if they will be able to trust your brand. Reviews can help the customers to trust the legitimacy of your brand.

Live pictures of packed products- You can ask your wholesaler to send live pictures or videos of shoe manufacturing and then upload those pictures and videos to different social media platforms. That will help to gain more customer trust.

Influencer Marketing- Small videos from influencers or small celebrities- You can ask any influencer or a celebrity who fits your budget to make small videos detailing your shoes. There are many apps available with which you can make videos of celebrities by investing little money. Post that video on different social media platforms. It is the possibility that fans or followers of the influencer will get converted into your followers as well as customers.

(Apne potential customers ka trust jeetne ke liye aapko advertisements create karna zaroori hai. Advertisements mein aap apne customers ke reviews post kar sakte hain, packed products ke live pictures ya videos post kar sakte hain, ya kisi influencer ya small celebrities se apne product ke baare mein videos banwa kar post kar sakte hain.)

Step 4- Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

These days, social media marketing is just a step towards gaining more engagements. The more you will be active on social media, the more engagement and customers you will gain. It is the best trick to gain more engagement these days. If you want to sell shoes on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook then you need to keep on posting updates continuously. For example, in Instagram:

● Post 3 to 4 posts daily, whether it is of product or of content.

● Post 5 to 6 stories daily to make people interact with you on a daily basis.

● Post customers' reviews.

Moreover, promote your page on other Instagram accounts. You can ask your friends and family to “please promote my Instagram page on your account”. The aim should be to gain more likes and comments. This can be done by making good and effective content. Ask questions from customers.

(Aaj ki date mein social media marketing brand engagement aur customers laane ka acha tarika hai. Aap jitna jyada social media jaise ki Facebook aur Instagram par active rahenge, utne zyada customers gain karenge apne business ke liye.)

Step 5- Deal with Customers on WhatsApp

How to Manage Customers
How to Manage Customers

Divert your serious buyers from Instagram to WhatsApp. Send them a PDF catalogue, to show your brand legitimacy and deal with them slowly. You can automate your Whatsapp to convert the audience into customers easily.

(Apne potential customers ko Instagram se WhatsApp me bheje. Phir unse apne brand ke baare me baat kare, vishwas dilane ki koshish kare aur PDF catalogue bheje.)

Step 6- Remarketing Your Potential Customers

Remarketing Customers
Remarketing Customers

Many times the traffic comes to your WhatsApp from Instagram but they do not buy your product. But you should keep their database separately. The database is the important key for remarketing. You need to add each person in your groups and continuously keep on updating. Rather than targeting new customers, it is easy and beneficial to target the customers who already reached you earlier. Offering discounts and offers may attract them to buy your shoes.

(Kai baar log WhatsApp se Instagram par aayenge lekin aap se shoes nahi kharidenge. Par aapko aise logo ka database alag se rakhna chahiye. Taaki aap unko baar baar apne naye naye products ke bare me jankari de sake. Hamesha naye customers ko shoes bechne ke liye target karne se achcha hai ki aap unhi logo ko baar-baar target kare kyuki ye zada aasan hota hai aur unko aapko dobara se sabkuch nahi samjhana padta.)

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